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We are a (creative) (digital) (animation) production studio born in Barcelona, raised by the World. We (visualise) & (materialise) all your creative needs.

We believe in storytelling, people and unconventionality.

We create (branding), put things in (motion), & aspire (innovation). Catch us on the other side. We’re not like the others. We are The Others.

Meet the

Send email Joan Achón

Joan Achón

( Creative Director )
Send email Roger Vicente

Roger Vicente

( Production Director )
Send email Emmanuel Verplancke

Emmanuel Verplancke

( Managing Director )
Send email Claudia Galindo

Claudia Galindo

( Graphic Design Lead )
Send email Mar Martín

Mar Martín

( Graphic Designer )
Send email Paula Barrios

Paula Barrios

( Graphic Designer )
Send email Iris Castillo

Iris Castillo

( Graphic Designer )
Send email Oscar Guinea

Oscar Guinea

( Graphic Designer )
Send email Àlex Barberà

Àlex Barberà

( Art Director )
Send email Leandro Fernandez

Leandro Fernandez

( Art Director )
Send email Pepe Vegas

Pepe Vegas

( 3D Designer )
Send email Gabriel Costa

Gabriel Costa

( Motion Designer )
Send email Ismael Burgos

Ismael Burgos

( Motion Designer )
Send email Jordi Palazón

Jordi Palazón

( Motion Designer )
Send email Aharón Ferradás

Aharón Ferradás

( Motion designer )
Send email Aina Ortet

Aina Ortet

( Motion Designer )
Send email Jules Mas

Jules Mas

( Concept Developer )
Send email Cristina Torrens

Cristina Torrens

( Administration )
Send email Dani Lázara

Dani Lázara

( Producer )
Send email Cristina Borrego

Cristina Borrego

( Producer )
Send email Victoria Puyoles

Victoria Puyoles

( Client Director )