The LCI School of Design and Visual Arts is the most international university in Barcelona. With campuses on five continents, it is a benchmark in the field of creative industries. ¶ The Others has created its new campaign, focusing on the careers offered by the university.

The idea

To connect with the future students of LCI, the goal has been to show the different creative minds, embodied in the careers offered by the university: fashion design, graphic design, interior design, animation and video games, product design and photography.

with the future
LCI generation

LCI’s new look also includes a video that connects the university’s vision with the new students and invites them to discover and investigate design and visual arts.


( Client )

( Art Direction )
The Others

( Production )
The Others

( Animation )
The Others

( 3D Design )
The Others

( Graphic Design )
The Others

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Summa Branding